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Small Water Treatment Equipment

Small Water Treatment Equipment

For our small water treatment equipment, we have 450 L/H water treatment equipment and 700 L/H water treatment equipment, etc.

Features of small water treatment equipment are as follows.
1. Auto wash and manual wash of membrane.
2. Manual wash of membrane with medicine.
3. Auto stop when there is high level water, and auto running when there is low level water.
4. Multi-level pumps.
5. All kinds of protection, including no-water protection, no power and low power protection, short circuit protection, large electric current protection and creepage protection.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of small water treatment equipment in China, We also provides large scale water treatment equipment, water bottling equipment, water filling equipment, and more. As these products are healthy, safe, durable, power saving, economical, easy to use and with low noise, they are widely applicable. If you are in need of small water treatment equipment, please feel free to contact us. We at We are confident that you will be satisfied with our reliable products that are competitively priced.

Water Production Line
    1. Mineral Water Treatment EquipmentOur water treatment systems are customized and designed to meet the local water conditions and flow rate requirement. It utilizes a quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, and PP filter for the treatment of raw water.
    1. 1000I (6,000 LPH), Mineral Water Treatment Equipment2. Multimedia filter with refined quartz sand is used for removing granules, suspended solids and impurities
      3. Activated carbon filter can remove organic substance, such as chrome, odor, colloid and other impurities effectively.