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Water Treatment Equipment

Model :1000I(450L/H)-SS304
Capacity of pure water: 300L/H(25°C)
General power :2.75KW
Electrical power :AC220V 18A 50Hz
membranes: ESPA4040 3PCS(2 grade)
Multi-phases pump: CDL2-180/2.2KW 1item
Beforehand filter: Ф300×1200 2items
PP sediment membranes filter :Ф200×500 1items
Booster pump: BLC70/0.55kw I item
Quartz sand filter :90KG

Technical data of water treatment equipment, 1000I (450L/H)-FRP

Model 1000I(450L/H)-FRP
Capacity of pure water 450L/H(25°C)
General power 2.75KW
Electrical power AC220V 18A 50HZ
membranes ESPA4040 3PCS(2 grade)
Multi-phases pump CDL4-180/2.2KW 1item
Beforehand filter Ф300×1650 2 items
PP sediment membranes filter Ф90×1000 3 items
Booster pump BLC70/0.55kw I item
Quartz sand filter 150KG
Active carbon filter 50kg
Cation 50L
Ion exchange tube Ф300×1650 1item
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