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Water Treatment Equipment

Description of 1000I (30000 L/H), water treatment equipment
The capacity of our water filtration machine is 30000 L/Hour. As the salt rejection of 1000I (30000 L/H), water treatment equipment is up to 98%, the water it produced tastes sweet.

In view of corrosion, 1000I (30000 L/H), water treatment equipment is highly recommended when TDS is higher than 1,000 ppm, or you can also use 316L stainless steel series water treatment system. Based on our experience, the 1000I (30000 L/H), water treatment equipment is especially suitable for application in the Middle East and Africa, and more.

1000I (30000 L/H), Water Treatment Equipment

Filtration process of 1000I (30000 L/H), water treatment equipment
Raw water→ Raw water pump→ Quartz sand filter→ Active carbon filter→ PP filter or security filter→ Ro system (1 grade) →Product water tank

Remark: The above mentioned filtration process is our typical design. Actually, the final filtration process will be designed in accordance with your raw water analysis reports and your special requirements.
Parameters of 1000I (30000 L/H), water treatment equipment

Model 1000I(30,000L/H)
Capacity of pure water 30,000L/H(25°C)
General power 37.5KW
Electrical power AC380V 68A 50Hz
membranes CPA2 8040 25PCS
Multi-phases pump CR45-8(Groundfos Brand)
Beforehand filter Ф1800×2400 2 items
PP sediment membranes filter Ф500×1000×∮2.0 1item
Booster pump CR45-2
Quartz sand filter 5,000KG
Functions of the machine membranes auto wash and manual wash
membranes manual wash with medicine
Pure water high water level auto stop, low water level auto start
Multi-phases pump protected without water
Protected when there is no power, poor power, larger electrical current, Short circuit, creepage of electricity
Out size of main machine(mm) 6000×1400×1900
Out size of beforehand filter(mm) 7000×1900×3500

We specializes in manufacturing large scale water treatment equipment in China, and has received ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and ROHS certification. Besides, our raw materials are strictly inspected before entering factory so as to ensure the high quality of our products. If you are interested in our drinking water equipment, please contact us. The staff at We is looking forward to working with you.

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Water Production Line
    1. 1000I (6,000 LPH), Mineral Water Treatment Equipment2. Multimedia filter with refined quartz sand is used for removing granules, suspended solids and impurities
      3. Activated carbon filter can remove organic substance, such as chrome, odor, colloid and other impurities effectively.