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Common Water Purifier

Water Filter

Detailed information of water filter, CB-2008 (2000L/H)

Model CB-2008(2000L/H)
Filtration precision 0.01micron
Filtrate flux 2000L/hr
Filter size 140×960mm
Aperture size of Litree membrane ≤0.01micron (10nm)

With the aperture size of Litree membrane less than 0.01micron (10nm), water filter is able to remove the bacteria, virus, colloid, rust and other impurities which are produced by secondary pollution in municipal tap water supply system. Besides, the water filter helps retain the useful mineral substances and trace elements for human body. Moreover, the purified water produced by the water filter has standard microorganism and turbidity that are necessary for drinkable water.

KDF Water Filter for Kitchen

Features of KDF water filter for kitchen
1. KDF water filters for kitchen are active carbon filters.
2. It is designed for kitchen use.
3. It is easy to install, operate, and convenient to maintain.
4. KDF water filter for kitchen is very economical.

Three filtration processes of KDF water filter for kitchen
The 1st: 0.01 micron membrane, removes the suspended substance, such as colloid, bacteria, virus, micromolecular organic substances, etc. and all the hazardous elements.
The 2nd: KDF eliminates the heavy chloride metal element.
The 3rd: KDF water filter for kitchen makes use of fine coconut shell active carbon, which boasts an 8~10 times adsorption rate of normal active carbon and serves to remove the chloride, odor and color in the water.

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