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Water Purifier (Reverse Osmosis)

    1. Counter top Reverse Osmosis It can be moved from one place to another, without being fixed to a faucet. A wide variety of portable water purifiers and purification systems are available on the market.
    1. Commercial Purifier Our main products, including commercial purifier, water bottling equipment, and wrap shrink packaging machine, etc., are durable, power-saving, safe and healthy, economical and practicable, and easy to operate. With stable performance and competitive prices, the drinking water equipment has been extensively adopted ...

Water Purifier (Reverse Osmosis)

For water purifier (Reverse Osmosis), we mainly have countertop reverse osmosis and commercial purifiers, which are generally used in water purification system and water filtration system.

Technical Data of Water Purifier (Reverse Osmosis)

Water type Tap water
TDS inlet Below 1000ppm
Output pure water TDS around 0.03ppm(depending on different areas)

5 stages of water purification of Water Purifier (Reverse Osmosis)
1. 5 micron sediment cartridge filter with slim housing
With only five micron rating, it is effective in removing dirt, rust and particles.
2. 10" coconut granular carbon filter with slim housing
Active carbon filter removes odor, color, and taste from the water.
3. 10" carbon block filter with slim housing
It enhances the active carbon filtering by preventing the granular particles from entering the system.
4. CSM membrane 50GPD
A thin film composite (TFC) is a high quality membrane that processes 50 gallon water per day. It removes the following hard water contaminants the may be present in your water, such as lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate and selenium.

5. T33 post carbon filter with slim housing
The post carbon filter removes foul tastes and odors to enhance the quality of the drinking water. We utilize NSF approved post carbon to guarantee the taste of water.

Features of Water Purifier (Reverse Osmosis)
1. 3.2Gallon NSF standard water pressure tank
2. FDA approved filter housings
3. Auto shut-off valve, mini flow restrictors, stainless steel check valve
4. Long reach chrome faucet
5. Feed water connector
6. Drain saddle valve
7. White color 1/4'' tubing connect pipes
8. Complete installation tools and manual

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Water Production Line
    1. Common Water Purifier Besides, the water filter helps retain the useful mineral substances and trace elements for human body. Moreover, the purified water produced by the water filter has standard microorganism and turbidity that are necessary for drinkable water.