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Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Model: 1000I( 15000LPH)
Capacity of pure water: 15000 L/H(25°C)
General power :3 KW
Electrical power: AC380V /7A 50HZ
membranes: 8040 10PCS
Beforehand filter :Ф1000×1800 2 items
PP sediment membranes filter :400*1000mm 8pcs
Booster pump: CHL16-30 3.0KW I item
Quartz sand filter :1500KG
Active carbon filter: 500kg
UV disinfector: 40W 8items

We is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mineral water treatment equipment in China. It has engaged in the production of drinking water equipment for more than ten years, and received ISO9001:2000. ISO14001:2004 and ROHS certificates. Up to now, our drinking water equipment has found a good sale in over 30 countries and regions, including Australia, Canada, India, France, Indonesia, Greece, and more. If you have any questions about our mineral water treatmnet equipment or other drinking water euipment, please fee lfree to contact us. We at We are ready to serve you.

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Water Production Line
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