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Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Features of 1000I (6,000 LPH), Mineral Water Treatment Equipment
1. 1000I (6,000 LPH), mineral water treatment equipment is made of SS304 material and with delicate design.
2. Multimedia filter with refined quartz sand is used for removing granules, suspended solids and impurities
3. Activated carbon filter can remove organic substance, such as chrome, odor, colloid and other impurities effectively.
4. 1000I (6,000 LPH), mineral water treatment equipment has both automatic and manual modes.
5. PLC and touch screen are adopted as the central controlling units. Besides, the automatic running mode will be activated by water level controller, and pressure protective device.
6. Normally, the system under automatic operation mode will supply pure water continuously.
7. Manual mode can be used while the device is under debugging and maintaining.

1000I (6,000 LPH), Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Specification of 1000I (6,000 LPH), Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

Model 1000I( 6,000LPH)
Capacity of pure water 6000L/H(25°C)
General power 3.12 KW
Electrical power AC220V 7A 50HZ
membranes 4040 12PCS
Beforehand filter Ф750×1500 2 items
PP sediment membranes filter 330*500mm 8pcs
Booster pump CHL8-30 1.1KW I item
Quartz sand filter 800KG
Active carbon filter 300kg
UV disinfector 40W 3items

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