Water Bottling Equipment

Description of Water Bottling Equipment
The rinser-filler-capper monobloc, or water bottling equipment is a highly efficient automatic liquid packing machine, which combines the functions of bottle rinsing machine, pressure filling machine and capping machine together into one unit. Empty bottles are fed into the rinsing machine in sequence by air conveyor, and then they are turned over and washed inside by the nozzles. After dripping, bottles are fed into the filling machine automatically to fill water at high speed. The last is to achieve safe and reliable capping by the capping machine. Moreover, its special structure makes the changing of bottle models faster, easier and more convenient.

Features of Water Bottling Equipment
1. All parts that have direct contact with liquid are made of superior stainless steel, which meet the requirement of food hygiene.
2. Bottles are fed by air conveyor, delivered by clapping the bottle neck and with normal conveyor chain, so it is easy to change bottle size.
3. The water bottling equipment is designed with stainless steel shield and safeguard door, which is made of organic glass. It is also equipped with safety electric switch.

4. The new generation of stainless rinsing is used in rinsing clamp, and the clamps have no contact with the area above the bottle crew. There are many small holes in the rinsing nozzle, which can wash the whole area inside the bottle. The machine has two stages of washing, guaranteeing the cleanness of bottles.
5. The advanced micro-negative pressure filling technology is adopted in making this machine and the filling is quick, steady and accurate.
6. Magnetic torque is used for screwing caps and the power can be adjusted step-less.
7. Controlled with PLC, the water bottling equipment has touch-screen human-machine interface.

Water Bottling Equipment

Main Technical Parameters of Water Bottling Equipment

Model 32-32-10 40-40-12 60-50-15
Producing Capacity (500ml) B/H 12000-14000 15000-17000 18000-20000
Specifications of Bottles(mm) Bottle neck: 50-100 Bottle height: 150-320 Bottle neck: 50-100 Bottle height: 150-320 Bottle neck: 50-100 Bottle height: 150-320
Suitable Cap
Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Air Consumption(m3/min) 0.5 0.55 0.6
Power(kw) 8.07 3.6 11.18
Weight (kg) 5000 2500 6000
Size (L*W*H)mm 3600*2800*2500 3800*3200*2300 4500*3400*2500
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Water Production Line
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