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Water Bottling Equipment

    1. Water Bottling Equipment (3-5 Gallon) High automatization, easy operation and reliable performance, but also small size, small weight and beautiful appearance, anti-corrodibility, thorough disinfection, effective antipollution and high quality.
    1. Water Bottling Equipment (Small Bottle) Oil filling production process. Integrated washing, filling and capping together, it is well designed with beautiful appearance. In addition, our water bottling equipment is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
    1. Beverage Bottling EquipmentBesides, beverage bottling machine, a kind of liquid filing equipment, features high level of automation, advanced control technology, high efficiency and easy operation. Moreover, as our beverage bottling equipment is made of superior environment-friendly materials, it accords with hygienic and anticorrosive standard.
    1. Pouch Filling Machine, Sachet Water Packing Machine, Water Pouch Packing MachineWith over a decade of experience in producing water filling equipment, We specializes in manufacturing pouch filling machine, sachet water packing machine, water pouch packing machine, and more. Our company has received ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certification and is ROHS compliant.
    1. Plastic Cup Filling MachineIt features low noise and energy saving.
      It boasts electronic controlled filling, modulated velocity, precise filling, no foam rising and no leaking.

Water Bottling Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of water filling equipment in China, We provides a full range of liquid packing machines, including pure water filling equipment, mineral water filling equipment, carbonated drink bottling machine, and more.

1. Application
Water filling equipment is suitable for filling mineral water, purified water and some beverage into PET bottles. It consists of bottle lifter, bottle unscrambler, air conveyor, rinser-filler-capper monobloc, cap lifter, light checking box, labeling machine and ink-jet printer. Besides, our water filling equipment is able to meet different production requirements.

2. Features
All the inner parts that have contact with the liquid to be filled are made of superior stainless steel, which accords with hygienic standard.

Integrating bottle rinsing machine, pressure filling machine and capping in one unit, our water filling equipment is highly efficient as an automatic liquid packing machine.

Located in Guangdong, We has access to convenient transportation by sea, air and land. This helps facilitate delivery of goods and save your shipping charges as well. If you are looking for high quality reasonably priced drinking water equipment, please contact us. We at We are happy to assist you and confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Water bottling line solution( small bottle)
    1. Water Bottling Line Solution (Small Bottle)The bottling line involves bottle blow molding machine, bottle unscrambler, three-in-one water filling machine, cap washer, cap feeder, dryer, labeling machine, code maker, wrap shrink packaging machine, and more.