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Plastic Cup Filling Machine

Plastic cup filling machine is widely used for filling liquid, half-liquid and solid. It is easy to operate and maintain.
1.Our plastic cup filling machine has obtained three national patents.
2.It features low noise and energy saving.
3.It boasts electronic controlled filling, modulated velocity, precise filling, no foam rising and no leaking.
4.The sensor of the machine serves to adjust the sealing position of film automatically to achieve accurate printing.
5.It makes neat cutting, and firm and beautiful sealing.
6.This series of plastic cup filling machine has four calibers to choose. Your can choose various cup shapes, such as round, peach, panda, double cups in succession, butterfly cups, etc.
7.You can choose various cup shapes, such as round, peach, panda, double cups in succession, butterfly cups, etc.
8.It can fill pulp and denude cups up automatically.

Plastic Cup Filling Machine

Production Procedures
1.Auto cup dropping
2.Auto filling (the mode of filling is based on filling materials.)
3.Auto coding(with thermal carbon roller type printer)
4.Photoelectric sensor correction
5.Concise film trimming
6.Auto discharging


Production 5300 cups/h
Packing capacity 80-550 cc
Mode of filling Constant displacement pump filling or air control top pouring
Caliber 61-65 mm
Vessel PP. PE. PS. EPS. PSP. PET. PVC. aluminum foil, etc.
Film PE. PS. PP. Nylon, aluminum foil. Rip easily film, etc.
Width of film 340 mm
Motor Power 0.75kw
Heating Power 4.00kw
Voltage 3N-50HZ 380V/220V
Air pressure (0.5-0.8)Mpa
Air consumption 0.45m3-0.8m3
Dimension 3500mm×800mm×1800mm
Weight 1200-1500 kg

As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of plastic cup filling machines in China, We has received ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and ROHS certification. Up to now, we have developed a full range of water filling equipment, water treatment equipment, wrap shrink packaging machine, and more. These products are safe, healthy, durable, power saving, economical, easy to operate, and especially applicable to industries of medicine, chemicals, food, beverages and cosmetics, etc. If you are in need of drinking water equipment, please contact us. We at We are happy to serve you.

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