5 Gallon Blowing Machine

Description of 5 Gallon Blowing Machine for PC
extrusion blow molding machine is generally adopted for producing 3-5 gallon water barrels and PC lamp covers, with the output of 50-70 pcs/h.

Features of 5 Gallon Blowing Machine for PC
blowing machine consists of clamping structure, die head, extrusion system, hydraulic system, frame, bottom blow device, electric system, parison controller and so on. Besides, it is specially designed for making 3 gallon and 5 gallon water barrels and PC lamp covers.

5 Gallon Blowing Machine for PC

Technical parameters of 5 Gallon Blowing Machine for PC

Material PC
Max. product volume(L) 25 L
Number of die (set) 1
Output (dry Cycle) 650 pc/hr
Machine dimension(L×W×H) 6.5×2.4×4.7M
Total weight 12T
Accumulator head DH-82PC
Number of die heating (zone) 4
Power of die heating (kw) 8
Max die-pin diameter (mm) 150
Accumulator capacity (L) 1.8
General dimension (L×W×H) 1.2×0.5×0.42
Clamping unit DH-82PC
Clamping force(KN) 150
Platen opening stroke(mm) 330-780
Platen size (mm) 740×630
Max size of mold(W×H) (mm) 550×660
Mould thickness (mm) 350-420
Extrude unit DH-82PC
Screw diameter(mm) 82
Screw L/D ratio 38:1
Extrude capacity (Kg/hr) 150
No. of heating zone(ZONE) 8
Extrude heating power (Kw) 20
Screw drive power(KW) 34KW
Power DH-82PC
Oil pump power (KW) 45
Fan power for the screw (Kw) 0.9
Total power (Kw) 90
Air pressure (Mpa) 1.2
Air consumption (m3/min) 1.0
Average energy consumption (Kw) 42
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