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Bottle Blow Molding Machine

    1. 5 Gallon Bottle Blow Molding MachineOur bottle blow molding machine is generally used for producing 3-5 gallon water barrel, and PC lamp covers. Hence, it can also be used as 3 and 5 gallon bottle blow molding machine. Besides, the extrusion blow molding machines are often used as PET bottle molding machine, PC bottle molding machine, and more.
    1. Small Bottle Blow Molding MachineTo satisfy diversified needs of customers for drinking water equipment, we also provide a full range of water treatment equipment, water bottling equipment, wrap shrink packaging machine, and more. Our products feature advanced configuration, easy and safe operation, long service life, and what's more, reasonable prices.

Bottle blow molding machine is used for blowing plastic particles (softened into a liquid) or preforms into bottles by a certain technique. In terms of varied processing techniques, bottle blow molding machines are divided into injection, extrusion and stretch blow molding machine. The most commonly used are automatic and semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine.

We provides a line of fully automatic blow molders that can produce bottles by PET preforms. The fully automatic bottle blow molding machine can be used for blowing both small bottle up to 1.5L and large PET bottles that are up to 3- to 5-gallon (12-19 L).

Our company also offers a line of semi-automatic bottle blow molders for small bottles. Among a variety of automatic and semi-automatic blow molders for small bottles, our rotary automatic bottle blow molding machine for PET bottles has become extremely popular and are used by a growing number of customers worldwide. These blow molders can be fitted and modified to produce a wide range of bottles for bottled water and other liquids, such as fruit juices and a variety of other liquid food products, as well as virtually any liquid product that can be packaged in small plastic bottles.

1. Using a bottle blow molding machine is able to reduce your bottle costs by 25% to 50%
2. As you can make your own bottles when you need them, inventory storage and vendor delivery problems can be minimized.
3. The bottle blow molding machine features easy mold changing and fast switch-out.
4. It is capable of handling preforms with multiple sizes and shapes.
5. The bottle blow molder can produce bottles up to 50 oz (1.5 liters)
6. It has compact size.

We is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bottle blow molding machines in China. Ever since the establishment of our company, we have continuously introduced the most current technology and production equipment. With our unremitting efforts of over a decade, our company has received ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and ROHS certification. With reliable quality and stable performance, our main products, including bottle blow molding machine, water treatment equipment, etc. have been finding a good sale in more than 30 countries and areas, such as North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and more. If you are in need of the drinking water equipment, please feel free to contact us. Staffs at We look forward to working with you.

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