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Labeling Machine

Features of Labeling Machine, DH-150
1. The whole framework of the machine is made of stainless steel, and thus has a highly stable mechanical structure.
2. The labeling machine, DH-150, is designed with a protective cover and man-machine interface operating system.
3. The machine can work with the whole production line and be fully coordinated with the whole line.
4. With unique knife plate design, the labeling machine saves the need of plate changing, within the scope of our specification.
5. With sleeve-label, the machine is very economical.
6. With an overall rotation system, the labeling machine is suitable for various labels with varied specifications.
7. Inner diameter of the label roll can be adjusted freely between 5″~10″.

Labeling Machine, DH-150

Technical Parameters

Input Power 1.5KW
Input Voltage 3P, 380/220VAC
Production Efficiency 150bottle/min
Size of Host Machine 2100L*850W*2000H
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body Ф28 mm-Ф125mm
Applicable Length of Label 30 mm~250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label 0.03 mm~0.13 mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube 5″~10″(adjust it at will)
Suitable label material PVC/PET/OPS

Bottle types for Labeling Machine, DH-150
The labeling machine, DH-150 is suitable for all kinds of bottle types, such as round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, and more.

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Water Production Line
    1. Labeling Machine, DH-250 1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is waterproof and rustless.
      2. The labeling machine, DH-250 is designed with adjustable cutter head, unique cyclotron cut-off, and double-sided cutting edge, which has a long service life.