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Features of Labeling Machine, DH-350
Labeling machine, DH-350 is newly developed advanced hot shrink labeling device. With four-wheel drive, automatic centering and four-wheel balanced pressure, the labeling machine has achieved smooth, stable and swift label transmission. The electrical configuration adopted by the labeling machine mainly includes imported servo motor, servo drive, servo controller, and more. Besides, it features fully-automatic adjustment as well as humanized operation. With the output of 350 bottles~400 bottles/min, labeling machine, DH-350 is widely applied in food and beverage industry for all kinds of bottles of fruit juice, tea drink, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer and sports drink, etc.

Labeling Machine, DH-350

Technical Parameters

Input Power 3.0KW
Input Voltage 3P,380/220VAC
Production Efficiency 350 bottles/min
Size of Host Machine 2500L*1100W*2000H
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body Ф28 mm-Ф125mm
Applicable Length of Label 30 mm~250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label 0.03 mm~0.13 mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube 5″~10″ adjust it at will
Suitable label material PVC/PET/OPS

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