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Full Automatic Shrink Packaging Machinery

    1. YSBC25 Auto Shrink Packager1. During the product forward conveying process, it can automatically group the products into a package, which saves time and enhances packing efficiency.
      2. Touch-screen operating panel with user-friendly interface and convenient parameter setup
    1. WD-150A Auto Shrink PackagerThe auto shrink packager is used for packing beverage, beer, pure water, juice, etc. with the advantages of cost saving and high efficiency.
    1. Full-Automatic Heat Shrinking Packaging Machine (Sleeve-Type) WD-600A1. It adopts packing by shrink film instead of medium boxes, which can save costs.
      2. Protective device of the packaging machine can effectively prevent it from incorrect cutting.
      3. Advanced technology of cold cutting reduces the consumption of electrical power.

Full Automatic Shrink Packaging Machinery

With microcomputer as the control core, full automatic shrink packaging machinery is able to wrap any packaging in accordance with various technological requirements, with automatic film feeding and cutting. Besides, the full automatic shrink packaging machinery features stable performance, easy operation, low noise, high capacity of resisting disturbance, and normal operation under heavy dust, high noise, strong electromagnetic interference and rapid changing temperature. Full automatic shrink packaging machinery can be used as beverage shrink wrap machine, food shrink wrap machine, milk shrink wrap packaging machine, and more.

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Water Production Line
    1. Semi Automatic Shrink Packaging Machinery1. Up-and-down magnetic switch prevents sealing mistakes, and protects the operators.
      2. The input position is adjustable based on the sizes of products to be packaged.
      3. 'Schneider' PLC, 'Schneider' AC contractor,