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Full-Automatic Heat Shrinking Packaging Machine


Heat shrinking packaging machine is used for packing bottles or tins with single-row or multi-row.

Features of WD-600A
1. The full-automatic heat shrink packaging machine is controlled by PLC and makes use of famous German Korean electric components.
2. It adopts packing by shrink film instead of medium boxes, which can save costs.
3. Protective device of the packaging machine can effectively prevent it from incorrect cutting.
4. Advanced technology of cold cutting reduces the consumption of electrical power.
5. Hot-air cycling system in the shrinking chamber makes products more compact and beautiful.
6. Special conveyor structure can correct devation completely and avoids failure of the machine.

Full-Automatic Heat Shrinking Packaging Machine (Sleeve-Type) WD-600A

Parameters of (Sleeve-Type)

Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Power 9.5kw
Air Pressure 0.5MPA
Max. Packing Speed 20 Packages/Min
Max. Packing Size 320mm×150mm×200MM(L×W×H)
Height of Feeding Conveyor 850+50mm
Film Type PE POF
Length of Feeding Conveyor 1500mm
Overall Dimensions 2900mm×600mm×1600mm
Total Weight 600KG
Main Material Stainless steel
Feedback Form
Water Production Line
    1. YSBC25 Auto Shrink Packager1. During the product forward conveying process, it can automatically group the products into a package, which saves time and enhances packing efficiency.
      2. Touch-screen operating panel with user-friendly interface and convenient parameter setup