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Wrap Shrink Packaging Machinery

    1. Full Automatic Shrink Packaging MachineryBesides, the full automatic shrink packaging machinery features stable performance, easy operation, low noise, high capacity of resisting disturbance, and normal operation under heavy dust, high noise, strong electromagnetic interference and rapid changing temperature.
    1. Semi Automatic Shrink Packaging Machinery1. Up-and-down magnetic switch prevents sealing mistakes, and protects the operators.
      2. The input position is adjustable based on the sizes of products to be packaged.
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Wrap Shrink Packaging Machinery

We have designed and manufactured wrap shrink packaging machinery to meet packaging requirements of containerized cargo storage, transportation and mechanized cargo handling. The wrap shrink packaging machinery is extensively used in export trade, and industries of food and beverage, paper making, dyes, plastics and chemicals, glass and ceramics, etc. Wrap shrink packaging machinery functions to reduce packaging cost, enhance production efficiency, also prevent cargoes from damage during transportation, and is dustproof and damp-proof. For our shrink packaging equipment, we have fully automatic shrink packaging machinery, and semi-automatic shrink packaging machinery, which can be used as food shrink wrap machine, beverage shrink wrap machine, and more.

Features of wrap shrink packaging machinery
1. Ultra-high clarity shrink wrap
2. Capable of wrapping products with any configuration
3. Multipacks can be totally sealed to protect against humidity, dust, and dirt
4. Printed shrink film is an attractive alternative to traditional clear film and can be applied to any PLA shrink film for multipacking
5. Quality and durable multi-packs

As a manufacturer and supplier of wrap shrink packaging machinery in China, We commits to providing a full range of wrap shrink packaging machinery, and water treatment equipment, to name a few. Besides, we give great importance to after sales service. For example, we offer technical consultation and mounting instructions on products sold. Hence, you can feel secure in buying our drinking water equipment. If you are in need of drinking water equipment, please feel free to contact us. We at We look forward to working with you.

Water Production Line
    1. Water Vending Machine1.24-hour non-stop ultraviolet sterilization ensures water quality and sanitation.
      2.Applying high concentration ozone for water bottle sterilization, it prevents second pollution of water quality.
      3.With precise water quality TDS monitor technology, it can check water quality instantly. ...