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Water Vending Machine 100A-B Water Vending Station

Specifications of Water Vending Machine 100A-B Water Vending Station

Item 400Gallon 600Gallon 800Gallon 1300Gallon
Power AC~220V 50HZ
Power input 220W 260W 300W 510W
Rated current 1A 1.2A 1.4A 2.3A
UV lamp power input 16W
Ozone concentrations 1000mg
Source City tap water
Pure water production capacity 400GPD 600GPD 800GPD 1300GPD
Desalting rate 99%
Recovery 45—50%
Filling flow rate 8L/min
Size of filling bottle 5 gallon bottle or smaller
Dimension 800×670×2000mm
Designed for places Community, school, factory, etc.

Water vending machine is a kind of automatic water supply equipment set in communities, integrating automatic water treatment and water sale. With 24-hour non-stop supply of purified water for users, it is designed by applying purification technology so as to provide community residents with drinking water up to international standards. Besides, there are hot and cold water vending machines, and more. With compact size, our water vending machine is extensively used in communities, convenience stores, schools and units, etc. In this way, the purified water sale machine makes full use of the low rent, stable consumer group and the large stream of people in these places, which is favorable for long term operation. Moreover, in terms of different ways of paying, there are coin and card water vending machines.
We provides you with tailor-made optimum water vending machine. Additionally, we provide OEM service upon request.
With the capacity of 200—1900GPD, the water vending machine has seven water purification steps and two vending windows. Besides, it is economical, stable, and easy to operate and maintain.

Self-help purified water sale machines are applied in public places, such as communities, units, streets, subway and schools. With coin and touch-free IC card sale modes, the water vending machine is economic, convenient and sanitary.

1. With American advanced anti-penetration filter purification technology, and sevenfold water quality treatment, our water vending machine can effectively remove original harmful substances, such as sand, alga, chlorine, heavy metal, organic composition and germ.
2. 24-hour non-stop ultraviolet sterilization ensures water quality and sanitation.
3. Applying high concentration ozone for water bottle sterilization, it prevents second pollution of water quality.
4. With precise water quality TDS monitor technology, it can check water quality instantly.
5. Light examination in the course of filling facilitates checking impurities in water.
6. Both coin and intelligent IC card charging technology are applied to the water vending machines.
7. The machine has luxury appearance with 100% waterproof design, imported outdoor plastics coated on the surface.
8. It is with optional water quantity.
9. With automatic light sense control for lamp examination, it is electricity saving.
We is one of the leading manufacturers of water vending machines in China. Located in Guangdong, our company has access to convenient air, sea, and land transportation. In addition to the production and sale of a range of water vending machine, water treatment equipment, water filling equipment, and more, we also provide OEM service upon request. If you are interested in our water drinking water equipment, please feel free to contact us. We at We are ready to serve you.

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Water Production Line
    1. Water Dispenser1. It is equipped with stainless steel reservoir, with hot tank and cold tank made of stainless steel 304 to ensure water purity.
      2. Customized service is available upon request.