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Desktop Water Dispenser

    1. Hot Warm Water Dispenser Economical and practicable, our water dispenser features smooth surface of spray parts, even color, firm configuration, beautiful design and neat jointing between seams.
    1. Electronic Hot Cold Water DispenserIt is equipped with a water tank, which holds water of normal temperature, and two inlets, with the cold container for cooling water, and the hot pot for heating water.
    1. Compressor Hot Cold Water DispenserWhen the temperature of water lowers to the set temperature as time goes on, contacts of the cooling controller break, the green indicator light goes out, compressor stops running and heat preservation is carried on. When the water temperature gradually rises to the set temperature

Desktop Water Dispenser

For desktop water dispenser, we mainly have hot warm water dispenser, and electronic hot cold water dispenser. Desktop water dispenser can be adopted for family use, and is also applicable to crowded places such as office buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, banks, and more.

We is a professional manufacturer and supplier of desktop water dispenser in China. In addition to water dispenser, we also provide water treatment equipment, water bottling equipment and wrap shrink packaging machine, to name a few. With reliable quality and stable performance, the drinking water equipment has been applicable to many industries, including medicine, chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverage, etc. If you are in need of desktop water dispenser or other drinking water equipment, please feel free to contact us and try our products. We at We are confident that you will be satisfied with our high quality competitively priced equipment.

Water Production Line
    1. Household Water Purifier1. Safer water – our water filtration systems are designed to reduce harmful impurities like cysts, arsenic, lead, radium, chlorine and other hazardous substances.
      2. Convenience – you can enjoy an endless supply of drinking water with the push of a button right at your kitchen sink...
    1. Floor Standing Water DispenserIt is better to turn off power at night when it is not used, which is safe and energy-saving.
      Clean the equipment every three months and send professional maintenance workers to clean and disinfect the intelligent drainer and inner containers every year.