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Hot Warm Water Dispenser

Hot warm water dispenser can be used for heating water for making tea and coffee, with the power of 500W. Economical and practicable, our water dispenser features smooth surface of spray parts, even color, firm configuration, beautiful design and neat jointing between seams.

We specializes in manufacturing hot warm water dispenser in China. Here we provide a full range of water dispenser, water bottling equipment, water filling equipment, and more. These products have been widely applicable to industries of medicine, chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverage, etc. Moreover, we also offer technical consultation and OEM service upon request. If you are looking hard for an ideal hot warm water dispenser or other drinking water equipment, please feel free to contact us. Staffs at We look forward to working with you.

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Water Production Line
    1. Electronic Hot Cold Water DispenserIt is equipped with a water tank, which holds water of normal temperature, and two inlets, with the cold container for cooling water, and the hot pot for heating water.
    1. Compressor Hot Cold Water DispenserWhen the temperature of water lowers to the set temperature as time goes on, contacts of the cooling controller break, the green indicator light goes out, compressor stops running and heat preservation is carried on. When the water temperature gradually rises to the set temperature