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Compressor Hot Cold Water Dispenser

Compressor hot cold water dispenser works in the mode of compression-type refrigeration, and is commonly used in homes, schools, offices, and other places.

Instructions for Using Compressor Hot Cold Water Dispenser
Turn on the switch for cooling, the green indicator light is on, and the compressor starts running. The compressor absorbs vapor of the endothermic freezing medium. Meanwhile, the vapor is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, which is transmitted to the condenser. The gas is then condensed into high pressure liquid, which will flow into the evaporator through capillary restriction. Inside the evaporator, reduction of water temperature is achieved. In this way, the compressor hot cold water dispenser works over and over again. When the temperature of water lowers to the set temperature as time goes on, contacts of the cooling controller break, the green indicator light goes out, compressor stops running and heat preservation is carried on. When the water temperature gradually rises to the set temperature, contacts of the cooling controller will close. As soon as the power is on, the green indicator light and the compressor start to work again. Hence, the water is always kept in the set temperature scope.

Likewise, turn on the switch for heating, the red indicator light is on and the electrothermal tube heats. When the water is heated to set temperature, automatic reset temperature controller starts to work. At the same time, power is cut off, the red light goes out and heat preservation is in progress. When the water lowers to set temperature, the compressor hot cold water dispenser resumes working in the same way. In so doing the water is kept in the range of 85-95℃.

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