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Floor Standing Water Dispenser

    1. Electronic Cooling Water Dispenser It makes use of electronic temperature controller to regulate and control water temperature. With energy efficiency, environment-friendliness and easy operation, it is extensively used in homes, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and more.
    1. Compressor Cooling Water DispenserThe fuse and manual reset thermostat serve as the protective devices of the water dispenser. When there is overheat or overload of circuit, the protective devices will automatically fuse or cut off electricity and protect the water dispenser.
    1. Water Dispenser1. It is convenient, sanitary, fashionable and easy to operate.
      2. Economical and practicable, the water dispenser features low noise, durability, safety and reliability.
      3. As a fashionable electrical appliance, it has luxury appearance...

Floor Standing Water Dispenser

These floor standing water dispensers can be used as home water dispenser, office water dispenser, university water dispenser and hospital water dispenser, to name a few.

1.Move the floor standing water dispenser gently and upwardly, with the maximum inclination 45°. It is better to set the machine working a moment after you move it.
2.Before you first use the water dispenser, do general cleaning of it, including all containers and pipelines. And then, turn on the drain valve to discharge the remaining water in it. Plug in only when there is water in it, which helps to extend the service life of the machine.
3.When the floor standing water dispenser is to be used only after a long time, turn the equipment off and detach the plug. At the same time, discharge the remaining water and then screw down the drain valve.
4.It is better to turn off power at night when it is not used, which is safe and energy-saving.
5.Clean the equipment every three months and send professional maintenance workers to clean and disinfect the intelligent drainer and inner containers every year.
6.Place the floor standing water dispenser in shady, cool and ventilated environment. Keep it from heater and other valuable furniture and appliances to avoid damages to them by splashed water. Meanwhile, keep the water dispenser steady to avoid noise.
7.It is forbidden to clean the surface of the water dispenser by organic solvent, petrol, for example.
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