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Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser

Compressor cooling water dispenser makes use of compressor refrigeration, with high efficiency and convenient operation. Safe and energy-saving, compressor cooling water dispenser is applicable to places like offices, schools, companies, government organizations, shopping malls, and more.

Instructions for Using Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser
When the cooling switch is turned on, AC voltage is reduced by the mains transformer. After full-wave rectification and capacitor filtering by the commutation diode, DC output voltage will serve for semiconductor cooling and air discharging of the blower. At the same time, cooling indicator light is illuminated.

Turn on the heating switch, and heating indicator light will be illuminated. Meanwhile, electrothermal tube heats and water temperature rises in the hot tank. When the water is heated to set temperature, thermostat contacts break, heating power source automatically cuts off, the light goes out and electrothermal tube stops heating. Likewise, when the water is lowered to set temperature, heating will restart again.

The fuse and manual reset thermostat serve as the protective devices of the water dispenser. When there is overheat or overload of circuit, the protective devices will automatically fuse or cut off electricity and protect the water dispenser.

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