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Fruit Juice &Tea Hot Filling Line

Flow Chart of Fruit Juice &Tea Hot Filling Line

Brief Introduction of Fruit Juice & Tea Hot Filling Line
Our fruit juice& tea production line involves the water treatment unit, blow molding machine, air conveying system, tea/fruit juice/vegetable juice preparation system (homogenizer, degasser, ultra high temperature sterilizer, CIP machine, three-in-one hot filling system, sterilizing machine, Tunnel pasteurizer, auto conveying system, air purification system, OPP/PVC labeling machine, wrap shrink packing machine, and more).

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Water Production Line
    1. Large Scale Water Treatment EquipmentWith sophisticated technique, good performance, environment-friendliness, and reliable quality, our industrial water treatment equipment have found wide application in pure water plant, bottled water plant, beverage processing plant, to name a few.
    1. Small Water Treatment Equipment1. Auto wash and manual wash of membrane.
      2. Manual wash of membrane with medicine.
      3. Auto stop when there is high level water, and auto running when there is low level water.
    1. 1000I (20,000 BPH), Mineral Water Treatment EquipmentThis system is designed in accordance with the requirements of Indian clients. Pre-treatment, micro-filter and ultrafiltration are adopted to produce mineral water.
    1. 1000I (6,000 LPH), Mineral Water Treatment Equipment2. Multimedia filter with refined quartz sand is used for removing granules, suspended solids and impurities
      3. Activated carbon filter can remove organic substance, such as chrome, odor, colloid and other impurities effectively.
    1. 1000I (15000 LPH), (7000 LPH),(1000 LPH) Mineral Water Treatment EquipmentThe water purification equipment is adopted for mineral water production line, beverage production line, and food production line, etc. in mineral water plant, beverage processing plant, bottled water plant, to name a few.
    1. 1000I (10,000 LPH) Stainless Steel Mineral Water Treatment Equipment5. PLC and touch screen are adopted as the central controlling units. Besides, the automatic running mode will be activated by water level controller, and pressure protective device.
      6. Normally, the system under automatic operation mode will supply pure water continuously.