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Brief Introduction
Founded in 1996, We is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of drinking water equipment in China. We are a member of the U.S. water quality association. We provide over 70 types of products, including water treatment equipment, water bottling equipment, water filling equipment, shrink wrap packaging machines, and more. Our company technicians and engineers are proficient in design, electrical apparatuses, automated machinery, microcomputers, etc., and we have a team of 52 experienced technicians for installation and maintenance, which helps ensure the high quality of our products and top-ranking service as well.

Through designing and manufacturing high grade, efficient drinking water equipment for small and medium-sized bottled water companies, We has successfully created a niche for itself in the bottled water industry. We provide complete water-bottling production lines for large bottles (3-5 gallon), small bottles (8 oz to 1 liter), distillers, water pre-treatment systems, small bottle blow molders, and packaging equipment.

Over the past decade, We has built over 1,000 water purification rooms for clients. Our water treatment equipment, household water purifiers, water softeners, etc., have found wide application in industries of medicine, chemicals, food, beverages, and cosmetics, to name a few. Moreover, our drinking water equipment has found markets in over 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

We are proud to have made a global impression, with our equipment in use on six continents and in over 30 countries. The reason experts in the water treatment and packaging industry choose us, is not only because we are a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment, water bottling equipment, bottle blow molding machines, and are a total solution provider for complete production line designing, but also because we are an experienced consultant of optimum water filling systems. We design all of our drinking water equipment in accordance with customers' specific needs and raw water analysis reports. We can also provide solutions for label design and water plant designing.

Business Range
Our bottled water equipment includes pure water treatment equipment, water filling machines, bottle blow molding machines, plastic injection machines, labeling machines, shrink wrap packaging machines, auxiliary equipment, and raw materials for bottles, labels, and caps (closure), for example. In addition, we provide household water filters, such as water dispensers, household water purifiers, and many more. Our drinking water equipment has received CE, ETL, UL, and BSI certification, so you can feel secure in choosing our products.

We have a professional team, and we approach each project on an individual and customized basis in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We also provide installation and technical support after your purchase.

At We, we adhere to the tenet of providing "Quality Products, Excellent Service, and Competitive Prices", and we are looking forward to even greater relationships with overseas customers, based on mutual benefits. If you are interested in our drinking water equipment, please feel free to contact us for more information.